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Dumbell Lunge- Upper Legs

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Area worked

  • Upper leg muscles and glutes

Muscels worked

  • Quadriceps, hamstrings gluteus maximus and gastrocnemius

How to Perform Safely

This exercise is great for both toning and building, both of which will depend on the weights being used i.e toning will be lighter. It works a large part of the leg and can be a demanding exercise making it great for conditioning and weight loss too.

  • Stand up straight, feet slightly less than shoulder width apart, spine neutral, with dumbells in either hand.
  • Arms hanging at your sides, the palms should face the thighs. Knees should be slightly unlocked.
  • Take a large step forward, flexing the knee, until the front of the thigh is parallel to the ground. Do not allow the knee to go beyond your toes.

  • Step backwards to the staring position (extend knee and hip). Then repeat with the other leg and continue alternating

  • Keep facing forward throughout
  • Keep knees behind toes
  • Smooth and controlled movement
  • Don't allow rear heel to come to far off the ground until you can do the movement very confidently


  • Squat
  • Barbell lunge

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